Chow Chow Facts

Chow Chows are beautiful dogs and they have been around forever. In fact they are believed to have existed as far back as 200BC.

Queen Victoria made them very popular by putting on exhibit in the London Zoo. They have become very popular in the Western world ever since.

They have a blue-black tongue that distinguishes them from other breeds. they have a fluffy tan colored coat and they are of medium built and tend to be shy but loyal dogs.

They are great for adult owners.

Watch the video below and you will learn important facts about this breed:

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Top 10 Pet Disease and Remedies

In this video Dr Jones describes the top 10 diseases that our pets tend to suffer from most. He also offers some suggestions for home remedies and solutions. He does go into quite a bit of detail in each one.

For a lot of these treatments I would rather take my dog to the vet. There are also many supplements that you could use for your pet. Depending on the size and type of dog.

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